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Paragus IT Company Retreat Reinvents the Economy from the Ground Up

rick-1In November 2013, InCommN got a really fun assignment: facilitate the Paragus IT annual retreat. CEO Delcie Bean IV wanted to give his entire staff a quick, entertaining introduction to economics and business. The goal was to get them all thinking like entrepreneurs.

Rick Feldman’s economics training came in handy here: he developed a program of a series of simulations to get the women and men at the retreat involved in and thinking about the origins of value, markets, competition, cooperation, and money. He divided the group into five teams: Farmers, Hunters, Land and Resource Owners, Forest Products/ Builders, and Entrepreneurs/Toolmakers. In a couple of rounds of play, the teams came up with the feudal system, the joint-stock company, and monopoly capitalism. They had a lot of fun doing it, and came away with new insight into business and economics.

What Does Your Enterprise Want to Learn?

Collaborative ClassroomInCommN can offer customized training to enterprises of all sizes. Our expertise includes product development, web marketing, finance, social media, value chain analysis, web software, and much more. We can structure a training to suit your needs, whether it’s a lunch and learn or a full-blown company retreat like the Paragus one.

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