21st Century Business Roundtables

Knights of the Roundtable

We InCommN folks enjoy sharing our knowledge and skills with business owners, entrepreneurs, and organization leaders. In addition to consulting, we provide many series of workshops throughout the year, based on our signature series, “21st Century Business Roundtable”. We started this in 2011, offering series in various locations, reaching hundreds of organizations and businesses.

We’re wrapping up our 2013 series with a collaborative series, INCOMMN+Hidden-Tech+Click WorkSpace. We’re meeting Tuesday nights from 6pm to 8pm in the Hampton Court business center community room, in Northampton. We have open discussions, as well as prepared sessions and guest presenters. Here’s the schedule so far. Click the links to register fo the workshops.

11/5 Rick Feldman Plan, Build, & Sustain Your Business

Don’t Eat Lunch Alone

Don’t Eat Lunch Alone is free, open networking in Western New England. We meet for an informal brown bag lunch in a variety of places in Holyoke once a month. Network with interesting people from business, non-profits, the arts, and more. DELA is free.

Visit The Don’t Eat Lunch Alone Holyoke Meetup Group for more information, membership, and registration for the next Don’t Eat Lunch Alone.

Mindful of What?

Mindful of what? The INCOMMN Example

As entrepreneurs, we need to be forward looking. “Being entrepreneurial” is a set of behaviors practiced inside an organization as well as used to create or perfect others. It involves creativity, thoughtfulness, awareness (of self and of others), agility, and management of resources. Entrepreneurs are in motion: their behavior is dynamic. They don’t bring everything to a standstill to look back for detailed analysis. Yet successful entrepreneurs know how they got to the present situation.

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