Crazy Orchid Lady Facebook Campaign

The Crazy Orchid Lady Website is an online community for orchid lovers from all over the world.

Crazy Orchid Lady Forum   An Orchid Community

Social Media attracts new visitors. Some become members and participate in the chat, photo posting, and Orchid of the Day competitions. In November 2011, a Crazy Orchid Lady Facebook Fan Page was established. Most days, the Crazy Orchid Lady posts the Orchid of the Day to the Page.

Orchid of the Day

By April 2013 hundreds of outstanding orchid photos was available in the Timeline Photos Album. We decided that it could serve to attract new Fans to the Crazy Orchid Lady Facebook Page.

COL Fan Page Timeline Photos















We developed some ads for the Crazy Orchid Lady Fan Page. The Facebook Ad platform allowed us to target people very finely by age, gender, location, and most important, interests. One nice touch was that we were able to target the Photo Gallery itself, rather than the Fan Page timeline. Also, we chose the less costly CPM (Cost Per Thousand impressions) rather than the CPC (cost per click) ad payment structure.

Facebook Ad For Crazy Orchid Lady Forum

The results were immediate — and amazing. The ads ran from April 21-May 13, 2013. Here are some statistics for the campaign:

  • Impressions: 1,665,998
  • Clicks: 6988
  • Click Through Rate: 0.419%
  • Spent: $223.78
  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions: $0.13
  • Cost Per Click: $0.03

And here are the results for the Page:

  April 20, 2013 May 13, 2013 Change
Lifetime Total Likes 163 5327 3168%
People Talking About Page, 28 Day 31 7290 23416%
Stories Created About Page, 28 Day 44 14434 32704%

But don’t forget, the true purpose of the Crazy Orchid Lady Fan Page is to get people to visit the Crazy Orchid Lady Forum Website. How did we do at that?

I’m glad you asked:


  Apr 20-Nov 30, 2012 Apr 20-Nov 30, 2013 Change
Visits 5539 6086 9.88%
Unique Visitors 2095 2729 30.26%
Pageviews 26633 31033 16.52%
Pages/Visit 4.81 5.10 6.05%
Avg Visit Duration 7:01 9:43 38.49%
New Visits 36.27% 43.85% 20.91%

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