Easthampton co.lab Meeting August 5th

“Some of you couldn’t attend our last open house and requested info, some of you wanted to stay in the loop on our progress, some of you were recommended by someone else who might be interested in what we’re up to at the co.lab. Here’s the deal: “We’re starting a new Incubator/ Co-work space called the co.lab that’s being developed in Easthampton. Our first open house was so great, we’re having another one.

“We wanted to invite you to come and see our space in Eastworks, learn more about our mission and membership model, meet other potential members and ask any questions about next steps. It’s all happening on Tuesday August 5th at 7:00 PM.

“Please RSVP whether you can or cannot make it! If you want info but can’t make it, there’s a place to fill out that info.

“Here’s a brief overview of what we’re up to:

*what we’re doing
>>>Connecting people, place and purpose.

*how we’re doing it
>>> Engaging groups in collaborative and participatory processes to harness the power of creative intelligence.

*why we’re doing it
>>> Enabling people to better understand the value of their ideas, experience and skills in the context of community.

“This is an environment for connectors of all creative capacities to share a unique space where cross-pollination of ideas and work happens organically, while also increasing the visibility of personal and collective projects.

“This is an exciting opportunity and we’re excited to tell you more about it, and see if you are interested in being a member. There’s a lot of ways to be involved.

“Also, if you think of anyone else this would be well suited for, please forward this email to them but please DO NOT share this on any social networking sites. Thanks!

“Tuesday August 5th
7:00 PM
116 Pleasant St. Suite #301 Easthampton, MA 01027

“Please RSVP whether you can or cannot make it! If you want info but can make it, there’s a place to fill out that info. Thanks! Sita Magnuson and Seth Lepore”

SPARK Seeks Executive Director

Please Share with your networks:

The Greater Holyoke Chamber Centennial Foundation is now seeking an organized, goal-oriented professional to fill the position of Executive Director who will oversee the SPARK (Stimulating Potential, Accessing Resource Knowledge) Entrepreneurial Education Program for Holyoke, Massachusetts.

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Social Ventures & Businesses: Never Ending Creativity

Rogers-Will-LOCTo paraphrase Will Rogers (died before most of us were born, but full of wit and wisdom for today!), we’re all smart, just about different things.  That’s the bounty and power of the Internet: a tool that weaves all these smart individuals into a world-spanning network any one of us can access, contribute to, and engage in. Because of this tool, the concept and practice of “interactive distributed community networks” —INCOMMN — is possible.

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