Lean Launch and Lean Pivot

What is the Lean LaunchPad?

Pfeil rechts oben gruen.svgCreated by Steve Blank, the Lean LaunchPad rests on the insight that a startup is a different kind of business from an established one. The business development methodology a startup needs is a completely different animal from the processes that lead to continued success for a going concern. 

The Lean LauchPad teaches that a startup is a process of discovery about the products, the markets, the customers, the tools, the processes, and the team that a business need to develop to become a success. It emphasizes agility, flexibility, and above all, the need to get out of the building and talk to people.  

What do we mean by “lean pivot”? 

Hungary road sign D-007.svgWe’ve run a series of courses over the last year or so. One of the things we noticed is that already established businesses can profit from LLP as much as startups. The key idea is the pivot. When a business learns that one or more of its core ideas just doesn’t fit the reality of the world they’re trying to operate in, it’s time for a pivot. In traditional business development, this would be deemed to be somewhere between a problem and a disaster. In the new reality of startups and agile businesses, the pivot is the thing that keeps the enterprise alive and growing. Established businesses need to learn to execute the Lean Pivot, because the world they operate in is sure to change, and they will be overwhelmed if they don’t learn how to adapt.

The InCommN Lean Launch and Lean Pivot Course

A twelve-week course in the Lean LaunchPad for startups and going concerns. Work alongside passionate founders, guided by veteran entrepreneurs and investors, to accelerate sales and investor interest.

Here’s what you or your team gain from the course:


  • a detailed, actionable model built with the Business Model Canvas
  • a higher chance of success
  • speed, efficiency, and sureness in execution
  • accountability to an engaged peer-group
  • personal attention from veteran teachers
  • valuable social capital and connections

What’s Next?

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