Business, Social Impact, Democracy

Let’s start with an immediate example or two. Valley Venture Mentors, now a “rave” program and event because of the news about funding, is a great example of a participatory, continually creative process and program. And it is great: by being all that, VVM has grown, pioneered new and profound approaches to venture creation and development, and attracted large-scale regional support. Three years ago, we had a few entrepreneurs and 20 to 30 mentors. Last month, we heard from the 13 entrepreneurs who will be completing their program in September, as they presented their updates to an audience of over 140 business and social venture leaders from around western Massachusetts. There’s more coming: VVM is recruiting new applicants right now for the next round, AND VVM will be also launching an accelerator program in Springfield in January 2015.

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Social Ventures & Businesses: Never Ending Creativity

Rogers-Will-LOCTo paraphrase Will Rogers (died before most of us were born, but full of wit and wisdom for today!), we’re all smart, just about different things.  That’s the bounty and power of the Internet: a tool that weaves all these smart individuals into a world-spanning network any one of us can access, contribute to, and engage in. Because of this tool, the concept and practice of “interactive distributed community networks” —INCOMMN — is possible.

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