Your Uniqueness is Your Business

This came to our attention this week. Rick Feldman met Deborah Huisken in the 1990s. She was working with some of the leading technology folks in our area at that time. Nowadays, she works in England with investors and venture developers most of the year.

If it seems interesting to you, why not sign up for the free taster call to see if you like it before committing to the teleseminar:

Starting in September (for 19 weeks): Your Uniqueness Is Your Business

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Ventures and Non-Profits

Sienna Wildfield of Hilltown Families

Our language about entrepreneurship tends to emphasize the for-profit enterprise and the growth-driven venture. But entrepreneurial behavior is alive and well in, and critically important to the success of, not-for-profits.

Counting health care, education, social services, the arts, and business services, there a few thousand not-for-profit organizations—those with federal and state non-profit tax-exempt status—in western Massachusetts employing over 20,000 people. State-wide, there are over 23,000 not-for-profits listed with the Attorney General and Secretary of State.

In a highly competitive environment, where these organizations compete for donations, grants, contracts, and public attention, the more successful and sustainable non-profits are led and managed by people who model the best in entrepreneurial practices. These leaders and managers help grow their organizations, manage complex organizations that include very active and engaged Boards of Directors, and deliver caring public benefits. This is an arena that requires mindfulness!

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