InCommN Creative

Creative Services for Individuals, Companies, and Non-Profits

InCommN, LLCInCommN Creative consults on, builds, and manages:

  • Joomla!, WordPress, and Squarespace websites 
  • MailChimp email newsletters
  • Facebook Pages, Twitter feeds, LinkedIn Profiles, Groups, and Company Pages 
  • Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics
  • Facebook Ads and Google Adwords
  • PowerPoint presentations

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InCommN Consulting

Drawing on the wide range of experience and expertise of INCOMMN and our associates, we provide one-to-one and INCOMMN-to-enterprise consulting, mentoring and coaching. We work with not-for-profit as well as commercial enterprises, from solo-entrepreneurs to larger companies. Best of all, we have the capacity, and we’ve been recognized for, our variety of delivery options: hands-on (yes, we come to your place and work along side you and your colleagues and staff!), workshops, scheduled one-to-one sessions, presentations — whatever works best for you and for the situation:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Developing and Applying Appropriate Metrics; Analytics and Assessment
  • Developing Boards of Directors; Organizational Development
  • Developing and implementing systems to serve: accounting and finance, HR, production, processes
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Social Media
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Turn-arounds, growth strategies, preparing to acquire or sell a business
  • Fund-raising, development

21st Century Business Roundtables

Knights of the Roundtable

We InCommN folks enjoy sharing our knowledge and skills with business owners, entrepreneurs, and organization leaders. In addition to consulting, we provide many series of workshops throughout the year, based on our signature series, “21st Century Business Roundtable”. We started this in 2011, offering series in various locations, reaching hundreds of organizations and businesses.

We’re wrapping up our 2013 series with a collaborative series, INCOMMN+Hidden-Tech+Click WorkSpace. We’re meeting Tuesday nights from 6pm to 8pm in the Hampton Court business center community room, in Northampton. We have open discussions, as well as prepared sessions and guest presenters. Here’s the schedule so far. Click the links to register fo the workshops.

11/5 Rick Feldman Plan, Build, & Sustain Your Business

Don’t Eat Lunch Alone

Don’t Eat Lunch Alone is free, open networking in Western New England. We meet for an informal brown bag lunch in a variety of places in Holyoke once a month. Network with interesting people from business, non-profits, the arts, and more. DELA is free.

Visit The Don’t Eat Lunch Alone Holyoke Meetup Group for more information, membership, and registration for the next Don’t Eat Lunch Alone.

Core Value Software

Many entrepreneurs and business owners think about selling their business, or acquiring others, as part of their business and financial planning and strategy. Others aren’t as interested in this level of transition, but they still want to know how to sustain their business, or grow their business. And many not-for-profit leaders now want to seriously consider how to have revenue generators as part of their plan, rather than being dependent on grants and donations.

All of these have this in common: the need to assess the enterprises core practices, products, services, position in the marketplace, and opportunities. And that’s where CoreValue comes in. INCOMMN is a registered CoreValue Advisor, using this advanced software tool as part of our own consulting business to dig deep into your enterprise. We help you get to the strengths and challenges of your business or organization, and accurately evaluate multiple dimensions of your work: sales, revenues, costs, market placement, management, staffing, financial controls, customer relations, and legal matters, to name a few.

If you’re not afraid to evaluate every facet of your enterprise in order to know how to improve, sustain, and grow, then this is the comprehensive approach you want. And you’ll be amazed by its results!