Your Uniqueness is Your Business

This came to our attention this week. Rick Feldman met Deborah Huisken in the 1990s. She was working with some of the leading technology folks in our area at that time. Nowadays, she works in England with investors and venture developers most of the year.

If it seems interesting to you, why not sign up for the free taster call to see if you like it before committing to the teleseminar:

Starting in September (for 19 weeks): Your Uniqueness Is Your Business

Your Uniqueness is Your Business is an intensive, small-group (6 max) teleseminar designed for seekers who want to impact the world through their business. Over ten modules, this work helps participants understand more deeply what is unique about them – their unassailable competitive advantage – and how to leverage that in the work they do.

A participant on a recent session said:

This has been a tale of two halves for me. It’s been very useful, and also challenging. Part of what has helped me deal with the challenging issues is that Deborah facilitates very well. The group dynamic also helps massively, as does the content of the course. – Dominic Pulver, King Square Studios, UK.

Additional details here:, and here:

Email for details about the teleseminar or to join a free taster call, on September 9, 2013 at 1 pm EST.

The topic of the taster call will be Explore Your Strengths: What Makes You Unique?, in which we will explore how that which makes us different from others is, in fact, our strength.

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