About Rick Feldman

Rick FeldmanOur common good is the necessary and emergent number one priority for this era of new economics and community building. Rick has dedicated his professional career and private life to this vision: resilient communities linked to resilient enterprises, working collaboratively to integrate our highest principles in social, economic, and environmental justice. A founder of INCOMMN, his interests here are to assist enterprise development, and the building of enterprise communities. He draws on a professional background that has included public policy analysis and regional economic policy education, writing, and consulting, as well as management and leadership in both commercial and not-for-profit enterprises. He currently provides group and organizational development, business and enterprise consulting and coaching, workshops and one-to-one mentoring to entrepreneurs. Rick is a facilitator and trainer with Valley Venture Mentors, a member of the Hidden Tech Steering Committee, a Board member of Common Good Finance, and most recently joined the team of CrewFund, a very new initiative to develop a permanent endowment fund in support of enterprises who identify the common good as their number one priority.

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