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Guides to the most asked-about business subjects, written by recognized experts. We’ve been listening to the questions about business in the 21st century that participants in our workshops and seminars have been asking for a couple of years now. We’ve learned that the same subjects come up over and over again. So we’ve decided to put together this collection of ebooks covering the material that people really want to know about. Each ebook is an authoritative guide to its subject. We’ve chosen authors who really know their stuff, and can communicate it in a succinct, easy to understand style.

Published Fall 2013

IMG 1031A Guide to Value Chain Analysis, by Rick Plaut. An expert in product development and marketing, Plaut takes you through the basics of Value Chain Analysis. You’ll wind up being able to evaluate the value chain in your market, a well-known ingredient in successful startups. $10.95 Add to Cart

Business and Economics 101, by Rick Feldman. Economist and financial advisor Rick Feldman has written an incisive, fast paced introduction to the fundamentals of business and economics that every entrepreneur should know. The book starts with the basics of value, markets, money, and winds up with discussion of corporations, venture capital, and regulation. $9.95 Add to Cart

I Speak Geek So You Don’t Need To, by Daniel Lieberman. A former software developer who has been working in Social Media, Web Programming, Analytics, and Web marketing, Lieberman takes you on a tour of the key computer and internet technologies that are so important in today’s business world. The book is written to entertain, while it also provides lots of examples, recommendations, and power-user tips and tricks, while teaching entrepreneurs how to navigate the often-confusing landscape of modern technology. $7.95 Add to Cart

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