Fall 2013 Workshop Series

Click Workspace and InCommN Launch TUESDAY Evening Workshop/Discussion Series: Tickets on Sale Now

Starting Tuesday, September 10, 2013 and running Tuesday evenings through December, InCommN and Click Workspace will present a series of workshops and discussions for entrepreneurs and people in micro- and small-businesses.

Buy tickets now for the September 10, 2013 workshop

In fact, this series will serve anyone engaged in enterprises of all sorts! We’ll meet at 6:00PM in the Community Room in 10 Hampton Avenue, Northampton, the office complex that houses Click Workspace.

The wonderful part about this is that it’s a collaboration— INCOMMN’s core values are founded on collaboration building and networking—involving INCOMMN, Hidden-Tech, and Click Workspace. That immediately tells you that this is already a large, strong and informed network of enterprising people and that the quality benchmark is very high!

September 10 will focus on two themes:

  1. Public Policy and the Entrepreneur: A close look at and call to action around the new “Tech Tax”
  2. Open Discussion: Issues, Concerns, Interests and Needs

The Series

We have a developing list of topics and guest speakers, and welcome additional suggestions.Key to this series: We want the sessions to be highly interactive; expect to talk out, participate, provide ideas, present information, ask profound questions! This series is meant to help you, the entrepreneur, appreciate and utilize all you’ve heard and all you already know. This isn’t a typical “how to” series, but rather a challenging, engaging, exploration and discovery series, in keeping with our blog series, “The Mindful Entrepreneur.”

So far we’re working on these topics:

  • Taking Action on the Tech Tax
  • Financial Planning for the Entrepreneur and Small Business
  • All About Sales (multiple sessions, each covering distinct topics)
  • Finding, inventing and using the right “metrics”
  • Legal Angles: contracting, agreements, organization types, exits
  • Mapping your Value Chain, and other deep probing tools
  • Flavors of Capital; pitching to investors
  • Trials and tribulations of the micro-business: doing everything, managing time and other resources New avenues of communications: using video and voice effectively

How to Participate

Have suggestions, ideas about speaker, or new topics? Like to be a speaker or panelist or facilitator? Then by all means, contact us!

There will be a fee to cover the costs of refreshments and speakers: $10.00 for general public, $2.00 for those registered as Hidden-Tech participants (just go to www.hidden-tech.net and “create an account”), $2.00 for ClickWork space members, and $1.00 for students.

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