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What Does InCommN Do?

We do a lot of things (probably too many for our own good!)

  • Consult— with businesses, individuals, public entities, and non-profits
  • Network— we network the networks
  • Calendar—The best business calendar in Western Massachusetts
  • Valley Venture Mentors—Support startup businesses
  • Work with investors to build local businesses




Why Support InCommN?

Supporting InCommN is an investment in a valuable set of resources for the Western New England business community.

  • InCommN Business Calendar. People have been talking for years about the need for a comprehensive, curated calendar of business events in our region. We stopped talking and built it. 
  • The News From InCommN is our weekly e-newsletter. It’s a preview of the following week’s business events, things to read, resources to discover, and independent commentary. A fresh, colorful newsletter comes out every Friday afternoon.
  • InCommN blogs. Rick Feldman writes “The Mindful Entrepreneur,” thoughtful essays on business. Daniel Lieberman writes “The InCommN Almanac,” a personal journal of ideas and insights.
  • Don’t Eat Lunch Alone (DELA). Twice a month in four Western Massachusetts communities, InCommN sponsors unique, free, open networking lunches. DELA is a way for the business, tech, and creative communities of Western Massachusetts to meet, make contacts, and exchange ideas. 
  • 21st Century Business Roundtables. Our Tuesday evening workshop series. We’ve had sessions this fall on the recently-repealed IT Tech Tax, What Entrepreneurs Need to Know about Equity Capital, Legal and Financial Issues for Entrepreneurs, and more. 

What’s Next for InCommN?

We need your help to sustain these activities. But we really need your support to finance the creation of high-quality, searchable databases of skills and resources for Western New England.

  • Skills Database: Imagine if businesses, non-profits, and public agencies could find skilled, local people to fulfill their needs for creaitve and technical work, and for the provision of contract services. Entrepreneurs and freelancers would have a place to list and showcase their skills and reach the potential customers and partners they need to find. InCommN is in the process of building this database right now. 
  • Resource Database: Entrepreneurs and freelancers are busy people. They need an efficient, up to date, curated portal to find the services and resources they need from public and private sources to get their work done and grow their businesses. One that they can trust to be comprehensive, current, and trustworthy. Once the Skills Database is up and running, this is our next big project.

We hope you will help us keep InCommN growing. We ask you to contribute $10.00 a month through PayPal to help finance our ongoing activities and our new projects. Supporters will receive the weekly News From InCommN, and will be the first to be featured in the Skills Database. We’re talking to people daily to find out what other services InCommN should offer. Please let us know what you need and how we can help you meet your specific challenges. 

About Rick Plaut

Despite being a sucker for a good sales pitch, Rick Plaut is passionate about creating strategies that identify and effectively satisfy real market needs.

Rick is a facilitator and mentor at Valley Venture Mentors and a founding member of Valley Investors.  He has far too many years experience in sales and marketing, both as a corporate wage slave and in his own consulting practice

About the InCommN Newsletter

The News From InCommN comes out every Friday afternoon. You can use it to check out business events happening all over Western Massachusetts the following week from the InCommN Business Calendar. They’re all conveniently put together for you in the newsletter.

Then we choose a few articles that we found interesting or useful from around the web each week. We range widely through economics, business, tips, and technology; and we throw stuff in sometimes just for fun.

We try to get away from the boring, cookie-cutter look and content that most business newsletters have. People tell us they enjoy our selection of thought-provoking quotations, and find the images fun to look at.


About Daniel Lieberman


2012-07-28 cropped headshotDaniel Lieberman worked as a manager and software developer in his family’s business, Lieberman’s Gallery, LLP, a wholesale distributor of art prints and posters. The family sold the business in 2008 (the link has some company history).

With partners Rick Feldman. Rick Plaut, and Rich Roth, he runs InCommN, LLC. 

Daniel edits the weekly InCommN Newsletter, and writes the InCommN Almanac

Daniel volunteers as a mentor and facilitator with Valley Venture Mentors, a non-profit group in Springfield, Massachusetts which bring startups and mentors together to help businesses get off to a good start and build the regional economy. He has facilitated for five startups in the program and mentored many more. He’s currently very excited to be working with Voncierge, the virtual concierge service for brides-to-be.

Daniel grew up in Westfield, NJ. He lived in New York City, mostly in Brooklyn (“Only the Dead Know Brooklyn”), before moving to Western Massachusetts in 1991. He lives with his partner, Kathy Puckett (AKA the Crazy Orchid Lady) in Shelburne, Massachusetts. He serves as the Wired West Delegate from the town of Shelburne, and is on the Board of the Greater Shelburne Falls Area Business Association, where he also chairs the Communications/Marketing Committee.

Phone: 413 489 1818



About Rick Feldman

Rick FeldmanOur common good is the necessary and emergent number one priority for this era of new economics and community building. Rick has dedicated his professional career and private life to this vision: resilient communities linked to resilient enterprises, working collaboratively to integrate our highest principles in social, economic, and environmental justice. A founder of INCOMMN, his interests here are to assist enterprise development, and the building of enterprise communities. He draws on a professional background that has included public policy analysis and regional economic policy education, writing, and consulting, as well as management and leadership in both commercial and not-for-profit enterprises. He currently provides group and organizational development, business and enterprise consulting and coaching, workshops and one-to-one mentoring to entrepreneurs. Rick is a facilitator and trainer with Valley Venture Mentors, a member of the Hidden Tech Steering Committee, a Board member of Common Good Finance, and most recently joined the team of CrewFund, a very new initiative to develop a permanent endowment fund in support of enterprises who identify the common good as their number one priority.